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Black Market Supplements

Dangers of "Black Market Supplements"

Before you buy from another website, please read this important information.

Rockwell Nutrition is licensed
to sell the restricted brand name supplements on this website including: Designs for Health (DFH), Pharmax, BioGenesis, Genestra Seroyal, Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, Metagenics, and Standard Process.

If you purchase them on Amazon or other online discount websites thinking you are getting a good deal, here's the BAD NEWS:

1) You may not get what you think you're buying. Products go through formula changes over time, so if you buy from online discounters ("Black Market"), you will not know if you're getting "stale" supplements like last year's version of the product which has been sitting around for a year, nor will their website correctly indicate ingredients, suggested use, or pertinent information since no one is monitoring this critical info.

In contrast, because we are licensed practitioners, we constantly monitor our website, product descriptions, and provide critical information you'll need to know before buying a product. And you'll get the freshest product. Not last year's batch because we often ship straight from the manufacturer.

2) You may buy the wrong products or take them the wrong way. They have no nutritionist or health care practitioner on staff to help guide you or warn you about how these products should be taken, contra-indications, optimal dosing, safety, and complementary products for your health concern.

3) If you have a problem or question about what you purchased from a discount website, there may be no one to help you by phone or email.  In contrast, we provide phone and email support by our Customer Service and licensed practitioners who know how to answer your supplement questions before and after your purchase (see our Contact Us webpage).  We also put our health practitioners' and support staff names, titles, and credentials right on this website's About Us page and are easily identifiable and reachable. 

4) When it comes to professional brands like Designs for Health (DFH), Pharmax, BioGenesis, Genestra Seroyal, Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, Metagenics, Standard Process, etc, these lines are made for health professionals to be used in their practice for their clients under the supervision of a health professional.  It is against the policies of these companies to sell their products online without there being a health professional on staff to provide consultations.

About Us

We, at Rockwell Nutrition, Inc. are licensed nutritionists, and this is our website dedicated to provide nutritional guidance to our clients.  We provide paid consultations and provide free 15 minute follow-ups to our existing clients who purchase supplements from us.  All of the products we carry are shipped to you from our health professional distributors, which carry the freshest batches of products available. They also keep the products in climate controlled conditions and send products with cold packs free of charge in the summer.

How can you tell if a website is a "Black Market Supplement Company"?

1) Does the website which carries the supplements provide the client an opportunity to consult with a licensed provider (e.g. Doctor, Chiropractor, Naturopath, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist) regarding their health concerns through a paid or complimentary consult?
  • If the answer is "no" - this is probably a "Black Market Supplement Company" - Buyer Beware!
  • If the answer is "yes" - then are you able to schedule an appointment time and actually get a consult? - If so, then the site is probably legitimate site - Read on...

2) Does the website offer the consult by a licensed/credential health provider?  Such credentials would be MD, DO, DC, ND, RD, LD, LN, CCN, CN, LNP.  If you are not able to determine if the provider has the appropriate credentials, then the provider may not be properly educated, so again, Buyer Beware!

3) If they tell you they have a provider on staff when you call, but they are not able to make an appointment for you because they don't know when the provider is going to be available - Beware!  They may not really have anyone, even if their website says they do.  If they really have someone, they should be able to schedule a consultation for you and you should get a response from their practitioner.

What is a "Black Market Supplement Company"?

The way these companies operate, is they find practitioners who are willing to use their license/credentials to let them purchase these professional lines of supplements in bulk, they pay them a percentage of the sale and pick up the supplements, which they then take to their warehouse, which is usually not climate controlled, and fill their online orders with them. 

Many of their products may be stored in unfavorable, hot conditions until they are sold.  By the time you get your supplements, they may have been sitting in a hot warehouse for 6-12 months deteriorating!  Would you really trust a company like this with your credit card info?

The companies (Designs for Health, etc) who make these professional lines do try to stop this type of activity from happening, and sometimes are successful at shutting down these unscrupulous websites if they can figure out whose account the products are being ordered through.  One of the companies we carry successfully shut down $8 million dollars in sales from these "Black Market Supplement Companies", just last year. 

However, these "Black Market Companies" are sneaky, when they get shut down, they may come back under a different name with the same products.  It is constant policing of the internet, which takes time & resources of these supplement companies.  Therefore, in order to keep prices as low as possible for these excellent quality supplements, please do your homework to make sure that you are purchasing your products from a health professional company that is operating within the policies of these health professional supplement companies.

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