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Contact US

New Clients: Do you have questions on health conditions, diet and/or supplements, which ones we recommend for you, how to take them, interactions?

- We provide quick or in-depth consultations for many health concerns by email or phone, please sign up for a paid consultation
- If you have NOT purchased from us yet, you can obtain nutritionist support via a PAID CONSULTATION, and you will receive $25 in FREE supplements as a bonus. (i.e. Buy a 30 min consultation for $50 and you will get $25 in free supplements!). 
- Ordering a consultation on-line will guarantee that you receive priority care, quick response time, and in-depth answers from our licensed nutritionist.  Please note our consulting nutritionist is a part-time consultant for Rockwell Nutrition and has no ownership in the company.

Existing Clients: WHO Qualifies to Receive our complimentary Nutritional Guidance?

- We do provide a complimentary 15-minute consult for existing clients who have already made a purchase with us within the last 4 months, one per order
- Please keep questions about the product you have ordered or are planning to order, or please sign up for a paid consultation if you need more in-depth support.
- You do NOT qualify for free support from us if you are purchasing your supplements from your local store or another health care practitioner. You will need to direct your questions to them and not us since you are under their care. We are NOT the manufacturer of any supplements we carry. We are a nutritionist support centered business.

 I Am an Existing Client. How Do I Contact You?

- For a quick question on the products you've purchased or are interested in, please fill out the support form to submit your question. This is only for existing customers and only for quick questions on existing orders or an order you plan to make. 

Click -->Nutritionist Quick Question form

- If you are interested in getting your free 15-minute phone consultation with the nutritionist, first log into your account and then go The calender will auto-correct for the timezone you are in and is for existing clients only.

How Long Can Existing Clients Speak to the Nutritionist?

- If you have NOT purchased a consultation, your phone conversation with the nutritionist is strictly limited to 15 minutes or less and should focus on product questions and guidance. Yet, you may order a longer consultation to discuss your diet or other health issues. Thank you for your understanding!

When will the Nutritionist reply?

- Please be patient for her response, it may take up to 1-2 business days (M - F). If you need immediate assistance for non-nutrition/health related questions, you may contact our Customer Service (see above). The nutritionist will return your call or email between 10am-3pm EST Monday - Wednesday and Friday 10 - 1pm. 

Are you a provider for any Health Insurance Plans for Reimbursement for your paid Nutrition Consultations?

- We are not participating providers to any insurance program.
FSA Reimbursement

- As a service to our clients who purchase a consultation who have a flexible spending accounts, we will provide a letter of medical necessity for you if you request this soon after you purchase a consult if you need certain supplements to improve their health conditions. Some flexible spending accounts will allow you to claim supplements if they are medically necessary. Please inquire with our nutritionist if this would help you afford the supplements you need.


Since we do not know everything about your medical history and medications, please consult with your health care practitioner before implementing any new protocols and supplements. The info you receive from the nutritionist is not intended to replace medical advice by your doctor. Also, be advised that although standard email communication is relatively secure, it does not comply with HIPPA Regulations. Any private medical information potentially might be at risk. 
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