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Enzymes, Immune Builders, and Healthy Delicious Foods
Exploring the Benefits and Side Effects of Calcium

Enzymes, Immune Builders, and Healthy Delicious Foods

Give Your Family the Gift of... Enzymes! 

 Why do so many people gain unwanted pounds over the holiday season? It's simple, there's less exercise, and more eating going on... and the foods we're eating this time of year are usually sweeter and more fattening!  There is a limit to how much holiday fun food our bodies can break down and burn off.  To enjoy these rich foods while keeping physically fit, make enzymes part of your family's holiday meal plan. 
Supplement your diet year-round with natural digestive and systemic enzymes.  Because we eat more cooked and processed foods than our ancient ancestors, there are fewer enzymes in our food than we need to break it all down.  Enzymes are completely natural, and help our bodies with increased metabolism (weight loss), detoxification, improved energy, nutrient absorption, and much more!  
Digestive enzymes work directly on the foods we eat for better digestion and bowel regularity.  Systemic enzymes, on the other hand, work in the bloodstream; providing better circulation, reduced inflammation throughout the body, and help with overall well-being and longevity.  Read about benefits and contra-indications by clicking the provided links to specific products, or by contacting us directly.
Here are a few product suggestions that are available for purchase from our website... 

Digestive Enzymes:

    -Digestzymes by Designs For Health - A complete broad spectrum enzyme formula to help digest fats, protein and carbohydrates. Not recommended for a history of ulcers.

    -Glutenzyme by Pharmax - A specialized formula used to digest gluten... for those with sensitivity to gluten including ADHD, Autism, food allergies, celiac, etc.

   -DairyGest (was Lactozymes) by Designs For Health - Excellent for those with dairy sensitivities, both lactose and milk protein sensitivities.

Systemic Enzymes:
   -Vitalzyme X by World Nutrition - Works systemically to clear inflammatory proteins, virus, bacteria and debris from your bloodstream. Reduces pain, increases energy and helps with a better night sleep.
Take digestive enzyme with meals, and systemic enzymes in between meals. Of course we all must remember to include some exercise in our holiday plans.  Long walks are especially helpful in improving our circulation and digestion, while not over-exerting ourselves after enjoying a large meal.  Another benefit to taking a long walk is that you can enjoy it with your loved ones so you don't have to break away from the party! 

You Don't Have To Catch Colds:  Let's Talk Immune-Builders!

Why do we tend to catch more colds and flu viruses during the colder months?  The truth is, the viruses that cause these ailments are attacking us year round.  The difference is that we tend to eat more unhealthy foods during these months, and our immune systems are less able to put up the necessary fight to keep us healthy. 
To maintain immune strength, we need to get the proper rest, physical activity, nutrition, and immune-boosting supplementation.  It helps to keep in mind that each of these factors is influenced by the others.  For example, eating properly can energize you to get more exercise, which can lead to a deeper sleep, and so on. 
Here are some products we suggest to boost your immune system, and help ward off viruses and other illnesses, so you can enjoy a cold-free cold season!
HLC Intensive:  This probiotics supplement promotes the growth of healthy bacteria throughout the digestive tract, which accounts for 60% of our entire immune system.  These healthy bacteria are essential for proper digestion and absorption of key nutrients. 

C+Biofizz:  A fun, flavorful Vitamin C drink that kids and adults will both love.  Vitamin C should be part of the diet several times each day, as it is vital for strong immune function. 

C+Biofizz will quickly become your family's favorite replacement for juice and soft drinks!

Paleogreens:  Made from organic fruits, berries, and vegetables; this delicious lemon-lime flavored drink powder bolsters immune function by alkalinizing and healing the intestines, and providing the body with strong antioxidant protection.

Immunotone Plus:  This powerful herbal immune formula strengthens against chronic infections, auto-immune diseases, respiratory ailments, and much more.

Vitamin D Synergy: Research is overwhelming pointing to the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency. Insufficient vitamin D, especially during winter months causes suppression of the immune system and a higher rate of influenza, colds, and seasonal affective depression (winter blues).

This winter, make sure you eat right, sleep tight, and exercise plenty... then stoke up the fire in your immune system with the right supplements, and blast the cold bugs before they can put the chill on you!

Holiday Meals...                                     

Keep them Fun Without Worry!
Everyone loves a hearty holiday meal, right?  Families are fretting over the effects on their health.  Here we've provided some simple suggestions to keep your holiday meals delicious, and keep your family eating healthy.  

Sugar and refined/artificial sugar substitutes toxify our bodies and cause accelerated aging.

Healthy replacements: use Xylitol or Stevia in your recipes.

Sunflower, Safflower, Corn Oil, and Margarine cause inflammation, alter cell structure, slow metabolism, cause heart disease, and suppress immune function.

Healthy Suggestion: use Organic Coconut Oil for cooking and baking. It's delicious and provides many healthy benefits including anti-viral, antibacterial, immune boosting, fat burning, energy enhancing, and infection fighting.  Gluten containing and refined grains are difficult for our bodies to digest and can lead to chronic illness.

Healthy suggestion: use whole grain flours like quinoa, coconut, amaranth, or brown-rice flower (gluten-free is best). 

It used to be that you had to choose between eating healthy and eating foods that were tasty.  Not so anymore! By following these suggestions we've provided and making simple ingredient replacements, you'll crank up the nutritional value of your meals and snacks without losing any of its delicious flavor!

Another tactic to ensure a healthy balance through the festive times is to eat a nutrient packed "lite" breakfast and lunch, saving room for some splurge later on in the day. To make sure your family starts off each day right, here are some crowd pleasing recipes, featuring several products that can be ordered from our website, Paleomeal Protein PowderOrganic Coconut Oil and Xylitol.  Paleomeal is an excellent whey protein supplement helpful with balancing blood sugar, managing weight and muscle mass, contributing antioxidant and anti-fungal properties, and boosting immune and energy levels... and it is gluten free! Xylitol is an all natural sweetener, derived from the birch tree, which is also where the cool wintergreen flavor comes from. Read more about the health benefits of this outstanding sweetener.  These recipes will improve nutritional intake while spreading smiles around the table.

Simple Breakfast Solutions: Power Oatmeal

Take your oatmeal from plain to powerful with this recipe!
To one cup of long cooking oatmeal add:

1 scoop Vanilla or Strawberry PaleoMeal

1 tablespoon freshly chopped raw nuts
cup berries Xylitol, cinnamon, and/or vanilla extract to taste
1/2-1 teaspoon Nutiva Coconut Oil

PB and J
A unique version of a classic!

Warm frozen strawberries in their own juice (no sugar added)
Stir in Vanilla or Strawberry PaleoMeal

Swirl in 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
Add Xylitol for sweetness if desired

Satisfying Smoothies:
The Protein Pina Colada
cup coconut milk, cup water, cup frozen pineapple, banana, 2 scoops PaleoMeal (ice optional).

The Hearty Health Nut
10 oz. filtered water, 1 tsp. Almond or Cashew Butter, banana, 1-2 scoops PaleoMeal

The Coconut Kickboxer

cup water, cup almond milk, 1 scoop
PaleoMeal, 2 Tbsp. coconut flakes (or fresh slices), and a splash vanilla extract.

The Berry Yoga
cup Rice Milk, cup water, cup frozen organic berries, banana, 1-2 scoops

The Wooly Mammoth
cup plain yogurt, cup water, cup almond milk, 1 scoop PaleoMeal, 2 tbsp. coconut, and a splash of vanilla extract and blend.

The Pterodactyl
cup vanilla yogurt, cup water, of a small banana, 1 scoop PaleoMeal, 1tsp. peanut butter, and tsp. cocoa and blend.

The T-Rex Peach
1 cup plain or vanilla rice milk, cup peaches, 1 scoop PaleoMeal handful of ice cubes and blend. 

The Sling Shot
cup vanilla yogurt, cup raspberries, small banana, 1 scoop PaleoMeal, cup water and blend.

The Nomad
1 cup Rice or Almond milk (any flavor) and 1 scoop PaleoMeal, shake and go.

Visit our website for more tips and recipes.  Rockwell Recipe Favorites.

Contact Us for consultations, supplement recommendation, or specific health concerns.

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