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Health Practitioner Brands

How are the brands that Rockwell Nutrition carries selected?  Do they go through quality assessments?

The professional-grade brands we carry on our site are excellent quality, they do go through rigorous vetting by our health professional distributors for purity, potency, and quality, this is a little more info on their quality program if you care to read about it, there is also a video on there site about their quality program:
Emerson Quality ProgramSM (EQP)

Emerson Ecologics and Natural Partners are our primary distributors, and our nutritionist continues to investigate brands for further before having them added to our website.

Does Rockwell Nutrition provide health guidance?

Yes, our on-site Licensed Nutritionist offers various email or phone consultations:
1) She provides complimentary 15 minute consults to existing clients after an order has been placed, please visit this link to learn more: (see Contact Us
2) She provides paid consults for new clients or those seeking more time and depth for their health concern(s).

Allergy Research Group Allergy Research Group
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BioClinic Naturals BioClinic Naturals
Biocodex Biocodex
BioFreeze BioFreeze
BioGenesis BioGenesis
BioPharma Scientific BioPharma Scientific
Bio-Tech Bio-Tech
Collagen, MD
Complementary Prescriptions Complementary Prescriptions
Crayhon Research
Daiwa Health Development
DaVinci Labs DaVinci Labs
Designs For Health Designs For Health
Devita Rx Devita Rx
Douglas Labs Douglas Labs
Dr. Reckeweg Dr. Reckeweg
EcoNugenics EcoNugenics
Energetix Energetix
Essential Formulas Essential Formulas
Gaia Herbs Gaia Herbs
Genestra Brand Seroyal Genestra Brand Seroyal
GUNA Homeopathy GUNA Homeopathy
Health Concerns Health Concerns
Heel Heel
Hevert Pharmaceuticals Hevert Pharmaceuticals
Iagen Naturals Iagen Naturals
Immune Health Basics Immune Health Basics
Innate Response Innate Response
Integrative Therapeutics (NF Formulas) Integrative Therapeutics (NF Formulas)
Karuna Karuna
Klaire Labs Klaire Labs
Medical Futures Medical Futures
MediNatura MediNatura
Metabolic Maintenance Metabolic Maintenance
Metagenics Metagenics
Montiff Montiff
Mycology Research Labs
Natural Health International Natural Health International
Natural Source International
Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals  Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
Ness Enzymes Ness Enzymes
Newton Homeopathics Newton Homeopathics
North American Herb & Spice North American Herb & Spice
Nutritional Fundamentals for Health
Oakmont Labs
Ortho Molecular Ortho Molecular
Pacific Biologic Pacific Biologic
Perque Perque
Pharmax LLC Pharmax LLC
Physician's Strength Physician's Strength
PhysioLogics PhysioLogics
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Priority One Vitamins Priority One Vitamins
Pro Symbiotics Pro Symbiotics
Progressive Labs Progressive Labs
Proper Nutrition
Protocol For Life Balance Protocol For Life Balance
Pure Encapsulations Pure Encapsulations
QOL Labs QOL Labs
Quicksilver Scientific
Rx Vitamins Rx Vitamins
Targeted Medical Pharma Targeted Medical Pharma
Theramedix Theramedix
Transformational Enzymes
UAS Life Sciences UAS Life Sciences
UNDA Homeopathy
Vetri-Science Laboratories Vetri-Science Laboratories
Vinco Inc. Vinco Inc.
Vital Health Options
Vital Nutrients Vital Nutrients
Vitanica Vitanica
Wise Woman Herbals Wise Woman Herbals
ZyCal Bioceuticals ZyCal Bioceuticals
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Methylation Support by Genestra
Methylation Support by Genestra
90 caps
USD $30.20
Rosmarinus Cream 1.4 oz by Unda
Rosmarinus Cream 1.4 oz by Unda
1.4 oz
USD $17.70

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Please schedule a 30 minute consultation with our Licensed Nutritionist who will take your unique health situation into consideration to recommend the best protocol. (Note: we offer a $25.00 gift certificate with your consult that you can use towards your product purchase!)
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