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Health Supplement & Body Care & Food Brands

How are the brands that Rockwell Nutrition carries selected?

The brands we carry on our site are excellent quality, they do go through rigorous vetting by our health professional distributor, this is a little more info on their quality program if you care to read about it, there is also a video on there site about their quality program:
Emerson Quality ProgramSM (EQP)

Emerson Ecologics and Natural Partners are
 our primary distributors, and our nutritionist continues to investigate brands for further before having them added to our website.

Does Rockwell Nutrition provide health guidance?

Yes, our on-site Licensed Nutritionist offers various email or phone consultations:
1) She provides complimentary 15 minute consults to existing clients after an order has been placed, please visit this link to learn more: (see Contact Us
2) She provides paid consults for new clients or those seeking more time and depth for their health concern(s).

We carry supplements from many professional brands commonly found on the open market. Contact Us to get pricing on any unlisted item, and to request products be added to our site for your convenience. 

Our Health Practitioner Brands have their own category: Health Practitioner Brands 
(Including: Seroyal, Genestra, Pharmax, Designs for Health, Douglas Labs Klaire Labs, Pure Encapsulations, and Targeted Medical Pharma)

Discontinued Brands
A. Vogel A. Vogel
Alacer Corp. Alacer Corp.
Allimax International Limited Allimax International Limited
All Terrain
Amazing Grass Amazing Grass
American Dietary Labs
American Nutriceuticals American Nutriceuticals
Amino Acid & Botanical
Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. Arthur Andrew Medical Inc.
Amrita Aromatherapy Amrita Aromatherapy
Aura Cacia Aura Cacia
Banyan Botanicals Banyan Botanicals
Barlean's Organic Oils Barlean's Organic Oils
Biomax Formulation
BioRay BioRay
Bio-Nutritional Formula
Biomed Foods, Inc.
Blessed Herbs Blessed Herbs
BodyBio E-Lyte
Boericke & Tafel Boericke & Tafel
Broadmoore Labs, Inc.
Carlson Labs Carlson Labs
ChildLife Essentials ChildLife Essentials
Chisolm Biological Labs
Celtic Sea Salt
Collagen MD Inc
D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition
DermaE Natural Bodycare DermaE Natural Bodycare
Detox Rx
Deva Nutrition Deva Nutrition
Devita Retail
Desert Essence
Dr.Garber's natural Solutions
Dr. Hauschka
Dr.'s Advantage
Earth's Bounty
Ecological Formulas Ecological Formulas
Emerita Emerita
Emerson Ecologics Emerson Ecologics
Empirical Labs
Enzo Nutraceuticals Ltd.
Enzymatic Therapy Enzymatic Therapy
Euromedica Euromedica
Extended Health
Fenix Nutrition
Food Alive
FoodScience of Vermont
Garden of Life
Gem Elixirz
Geronova Research
Giovanni Cosmetic
Goddess Garden
Good Clean Love
Grahams Natural USA LLC
Health Aid America
Health from the Sun
Health Products Distributors
Herbalist & Alchemist
Herb Pharm Herb Pharm
Hyalogic Hyalogic
Hyland's Homeopathic Hyland's Homeopathic
i-Health i-Health
Intensive Nutrition Intensive Nutrition
Jarrow Formulas Jarrow Formulas
Jigsaw Health
Kamedis Kamedis
Kirkman Labs Kirkman Labs
Klean Athlete
Lane Medical Lane Medical
Life Extension Life Extension
Longevity Science
Lotus Moon Lotus Moon
Maine Medicinals
Manitoba Harvest
Manuka Health
Master Supplements Inc.
Medical Supplies Medical Supplies
Metabolic Response Modifier - MRM Metabolic Response Modifier - MRM
Mucos Pharma
Mushroom Wisdom, Inc.
Native Remedies Native Remedies
Natren Natren
Natural Factors Natural Factors
Natural Immunogenics Natural Immunogenics
Natural Ophthalmics
Natural Vitality Natural Vitality
Nature's All
Nature's Sources Nature's Sources
Nature's Way Nature's Way
Natureworks Natureworks
Nelson Bach Nelson Bach
New Chapter New Chapter
Nordic Naturals Nordic Naturals
Now Now
Nutramax Labs
Nutrex, Inc.
Nutricology Nutricology
Ola Loa
Ollois Ollois
Omega Nutrition Omega Nutrition
Organic India
Organic Whole Food Supplements
Pastore Formulations
Pioneer Pioneer
Planetary Herbals
Prof Birkmayer Health Pro
Quincy Bioscience Quincy Bioscience
Reserveage Reserveage
Results RNA Results RNA
Scandinavian Formulas
Shankara Shankara
Sinol USA
SmartyPants Vitamins
Sun Chlorella USA Sun Chlorella USA
Symbiotics Symbiotics
Tiger Balm | Rockwell Nutrition
Topical Biomedics
Tower Labs Corp
Trace Minerals Research Trace Minerals Research
True Botanica True Botanica
Viobin Viobin
Weber & Weber
Weleda Body Care Weleda Body Care
Well Wisdom Well Wisdom
Wellesley Therapeutic Inc.
Wisdom Natural Brands Wisdom Natural Brands
World Nutrition World Nutrition
W.S. Badger Company
Zand Herbal Zand Herbal

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Click here to Contact Us. We can help suggest the best product for your needs!

Please schedule a 30 minute consultation with our Licensed Nutritionist who will take your unique health situation into consideration to recommend the best protocol. (Note: we offer a $25.00 gift certificate with your consult that you can use towards your product purchase!)
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