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Rockwell Nutrition's Health Topics Categories

Many of products we carry are organized under specific health topics to help you find the vitamins and supplements as per your particular health interests. We have over 30 health categories such as anti-aging, musculoskeletal health, children & teen health, cardiovascular support, digestive GI health, weight loss, even pet health and more. Our wide-ranging health topics and supplement categories will be useful when you want to narrow down your choices to the most relevant products.

Click on any of these topics to view a list of supplements, as well as nutritional suggestions and health tips.

Do you have a heath concern or product question? Our licensed nutritionist can help! We do recommend getting a consultation with our nutritionist so she can make the best recommendations for your individual health needs. New clients can purchase a consultation through our website (click here), or existing clients may use a free 15 minute consult if your questions are brief and you have purchased through this site in the past four months (see Contact Us).

Anti-Aging Anti-Aging
Hormones including DHEA and Progesterone, Antioxidants, and Face Cream with CoQ10.
Baby Health ages 0-2 Baby Health ages 0-2
Both breastfed and formula fed infants need special nutritional supplements to boost their brain development, immune function, and intestinal (gut) health. Read our recommendations.
Brain Health Brain Health
The brain controls almost all body processes, including heartbeat, breathing, digestion, muscle movement, and speech, as well as all five senses. The brain is also responsible for memory, emotion, and reasoning.
Cardiovascular Support Cardiovascular Support
Proper nutrition promotes healthy circulation.
Cellular Health Cellular Health
Children's Health ages 2-12 Children's Health ages 2-12
Supplements designed for kids 2-12 years old.
Detox & Cleansing Detox & Cleansing
Intestinal and Cellular Cleansing Products Including: Detoxification, Colon Cleanse, Toxin Absorption, and Heavy Metal Detox.
Digestive GI Health Digestive GI Health
Including indigestion, gas, bloating, Crohns, IBS, Leaky Gut, and Ulcerative Colitis.
Ear Support Ear Support
Emotional Well Being Emotional Well Being
Emotional wellness influences the quality of life and also impacts physical health. Itís often debatable which comes first.
Energy Support Energy Support
Balancing family, work, health, errands and social engagements can be difficult to endure. It might not be possible to slow down the demands of life, but it is possible to fuel up naturally with supplements and a proper diet.
Eye Health Eye Health
Your eyes are an important part of your health. There are many things you can do to keep them healthy and make sure you are seeing your best.
Food/Carb Cravings
Healthy Blood Sugar Control Healthy Blood Sugar Control
Blood sugar issues can very greatly from person to person.†We have broken up conditions into these categories to help make the choice of products for these conditions more appropriate.† Please†consider a consultation†with our nutritionist for specific help on the best products to help manage your condition.
Healthy Seniors Healthy Seniors

Often aging adults require nutritional supplementation to assist with deficiencies that occur from the aging process. We offer high quality supplements that promote antioxidant protection, mental acuity, macular and retinal protection, cellular energy production and mitochondrial function for healthy aging.

Hormone/Glandular Support Hormone/Glandular Support
Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the blood, which carries them to organs and tissues of the body to exert their functions. There are many types of hormones that act on different aspects of bodily functions and processes
Immune Support Immune Support
Kidney Support Kidney Support
Kidneys filter nutrients into your circulatory system and process fluid waste through urine. They also control blood pressure. A number of factors, such as diet, medicine and smoking can put stress on the kidneys, resulting in decreased function.
Mens Health Mens Health
Supplements specifically formulated for men and men's health concerns
Musculoskeletal Health
Nervous System Support Nervous System Support
The nervous system is a complex system that regulates and coordinates body functions, including the coordination of muscles, the senses, speech, memory, thought and emotion.
Oral Health Oral Health
Researchers know there's a synergistic relationship between oral health and overall wellness, neglecting it can lead to other illnesses.
Pet Health Pet Health
Pets often have nutritional deficiencies and improve quickly with supplementation. See our special line of pet vitamins.
Respiratory Health Respiratory Health
Seasonal Support
Skin, Hair & Nails Skin, Hair & Nails
Formulas with key nutrients specifically designed to support healthy hair, skin, nails or all three.
Sleep Support Sleep Support
Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.
Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition
Athletic Strength, Endurance & Recovery.
Travel Support Travel Support
Motion sickness is a disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion such as from the swell of the sea, the movement of a car, or the motion of a plane in turbulent air.
Urinary Support Urinary Support
The urinary tract is the bodyís drainage system for removing urine, which is composed of wastes and extra fluid. In order for normal urination to occur, all body parts in the urinary tract need to work together in the correct order. The system includes: kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.
Weight Loss Weight Loss
Weight Loss Packages, fat loss, individual supplements, and online nutritional consultations.
Wellness Care Wellness Care
Women's Health Women's Health
Yeast Balance Yeast Balance
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Advice from the Nutritionist
Advice from the Nutritionist
30 minutes
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Advice from the Nutritionist
Advice from the Nutritionist
60 minutes
USD $80.00
Advice from the Nutritionist
Advice from the Nutritionist
90 minutes without meal plan
USD $125.00
Advice from the Nutritionist
Advice from the Nutritionist
90 minutes WITH customized meal plan
USD $150.00

Please schedule a 30 minute consultation with our Licensed Nutritionist who will take your unique health situation into consideration to recommend the best protocol. (Note: we offer a $25.00 gift certificate with your consult that you can use towards your product purchase!)
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