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 Stimutox 1 oz by Complimed
Stimutox 1 oz by Complimed
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Recommended Supplements for Lyme Disease

Click here to read our complete Lyme Disease Protocol

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Olivirex Capsules by Bio-Botanical Research
Olivirex Capsules by Bio-Botanical Research
60 Capsules
USD $36.27
Immunitone Plus caps by Designs For Health (DFH)
Immunitone Plus caps by Designs For Health (DFH)
90 caps
USD $38.00
Biocidin Capsules by Bio-Botanical Research
Biocidin Capsules by Bio-Botanical Research
90 caps
USD $59.97
Biocidin Advanced Formula Liquid by Bio-Botanical Research Inc
Biocidin Advanced Formula Liquid by Bio-Botanical Research Inc
USD $59.97
Vitalzym 180 vcaps by World Nutrition
Vitalzym 180 vcaps by World Nutrition
180 vcaps
USD $119.99
Vitalzym 360 vcaps by World Nutrition
Vitalzym 360 vcaps by World Nutrition
360 vcaps
USD $199.99

Lyme Disease Protocol

We recommend a protocol for Lyme's which includes powerful antimicrobial action and immune support. There may be research which also supports the use of this protocol.

The only cautionary note upon applying the protocol is to expect a “die off” reaction (aka healing crisis) for approximately 3-4 days after starting. This could include symptoms of diarrhea, headache, fatigue, skin rashes, or body aches. This is when the virus dies off in large amounts. Although it does not always happen, it is a good sign that the virus is dying and leaving the body.

Lyme Disease Protocol

Allicillin by DFH- 20 softgels a day or 1/2 bottle liquid in divided doses. Completely safe in large doses.  If in 12 weeks, the Lyme’s does not resolve, you will need to increase this dose by adding 30 ml Allicillin liquid.

HLC Intensive Probiotics by Pharmax- 1 cap 3 times daily with meals for 20 days. 

Vitalzym enzymes, by World Nutrition- 2-3 caps 3 times daily on an empty stomach. 

DFH Complete Multi-  3 caps twice daily with meals.

Omega Synergy by DFH-  3 softgels, three times a day.

Other important recommendations: Drink a lot of water to help flush out the virus. Eliminate sugar and starches. Consume a lot of vegetables, low sugar fruits, healthy fats & proteins.  Rest and stress reduction are also recommended. More on Top 10 Dietary Tips.

Additional supplements for Immune System strength (for Lymes):

Immunitone Plus by Designs For Health
2-4 capsules daily 15 minutes or more before meals

Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) by Designs For Health: 2 caps or ¼ tsp of the powder twice daily with meals

Phosphatidyl Choline (PC) by Genestra: 2 caps twice daily 

Neptune Krill Oil by Designs For Health: 2 softgels per day

Ultimate Antioxidant-LS by Designs For Health: 3 caps per day with meal

Please schedule a 30 minute consultation with our Licensed Nutritionist who will take your unique health situation into consideration to recommend the best protocol. (Note: we offer a $25.00 gift certificate with your consult that you can use towards your product purchase!)
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