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Our consulting nutritionist: Julie Haugen, MS, RD, LN is a Florida Licensed Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist who is skilled at assessing diet, health history, lifestyle, and goals in order to provide the best nutritional protocol for challenging health ailments. Read more about Julie.

Quick Nutritional Advice by Phone and Email These come in 30 min increments including an option for a 90 min Comprehensive Consultation with a customized meal plan.

Quick Nutritional Advice by Phone

If you would like expert advice from a licensed nutritionist, you may purchase consultation time from us to receive nutritional advice on your health concerns and the nutritional supplements we offer. Please select the amount of time that is appropriate for your desired level of support. Once you have paid, you can can schedule your time on Julie's Online Calendar.

Our Nutritionist will follow up with a supplement plan for the 90 minute consults, and may do so with the 30 minute consult if needed.

As a BONUS for signing up for ANY consultation below, you will receive $25.00 worth of Rockwell Reward Points which can be used toward other purchases in the form of a gift certificate. Please see Rockwell Reward Points for more information on our program.


  • 30 minutes= $50

    Topics:Basic product questions and recommendations. Guidance on single health issue with other areas of concern (e.g. diet, medications, other health issues) that are fairly well controlled OR a Rockwell Nutrition Protocol e.g. BV, Candida, Detox, Unda's, etc

  • 90 minutes without meal plan = $125

    Topics: Guidance on complex or multiple health issues that need in-depth consultation with recommended supplements (e.g. MS, Cancer, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal or respiratory disease, etc).

  • 90 minutes with customized meal plan = $150

    Topics: Guidance on complex or multiple health issues that need in-depth consultation with customized meal plan(e.g. Diabetes, MS, Cancer, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, etc).

Quick Online Mini Consultation

Diet Changes
Your Genes

Rates and structure are the same as for phone consultations (please read times above to understand how much time to purchase). An online/internet based consultation (email only), is ideal for those who prefer email and want expert advice and recommendations by our nutritionist.


A personalized supplement plan will be created for you based on the information you provide. It will include general nutritional guidelines as needed. If you need more in-depth diet plan and guidance, please purchase the Initial Complete Consultation (see below).

Initial Comprehensive Consultation $150

& Select your appointment time in Julie's Online Calendar

This is for those with complex health concerns which need extended evaluation, discussion, and follow-up. This consultation includes the following:

  1. Evaluation & Assessment
    Your Initial Consultation consists of 1-1.5 hour phone evaluation and a full assessment of your nutritional status based on your symptoms, health goals, diet, lifestyle, and family history. This is ideal for those with challenging or chronic health ailments.
  2. Meal Plan
    A customized meal and supplement plan will be created for you after your phone evaluation and emailed to you in Word or PDF. It will have specific eating suggestions including snacks, beverages, & foods to avoid, as well as general nutritional guidelines.
  3. Education
    Also included is education on topics such as blood sugar, gut health, and brain chemistry. You will finish this consultation with a clear picture of what you should eat and lifestyle modifications for healing and optimal health.
  4. Goals
    Ultimately, the goal is to teach you how to make better eating choices and how to use nutritional supplements wisely so that you may live a happier and healthier life. Are you ready and willing to look, feel, and be healthier? We can help you!
    Getting Started
    1. Pay: To begin, please first pay for your consultation.
    2. Fill Out Questionnaire: Please fax/email us your questionnaire, after filling it out in MS Word (Questionnaire in Word) or Adobe PDF (Questionnaire in PDF). It will take about 15+ minutes to fill out, and will ask you questions about your current eating patterns, health concerns, goals, health history, and food preferences. A three day food recall will be necessary.
    Once we receive payment and your questionnaire, you can schedule your phone consultation meeting time here: Book Your Appointment Time Online

    Follow-Up Consultations $80 per hour

    & Select your appointment time in Julie's Online Calendar

    Additional phone time and follow-up consults are billed at $80 per hour/ $50 per 30 minutes. To accommodate your changing nutritional needs, we recommend you have a follow-up consultation within 4-8 weeks so we can review your progress and continue to modify your program to best meet your health goals.

    Summary of Consultation and Fees

    Quick Nutritional Advice by Phone & Online Mini-Consultation - quick, sound help with many health conditions.$50.00
    90 minutes without meal plan - sound help with many health conditions, with supplement plan via email or phone.$125.00
    Initial Comprehensive Consultation - 1.5 hours by phone and includes a full assessment of your nutritional deficiencies based on your diet, lifestyle, family history and symptoms. Education, meal & supplement plan, and lifestyle modifications.$150.00
    Follow up Phone Consultation - by Phone. Follow-Up Consults are billed at $80 per hour or $50 per 30 minutes.$50.00-$80.00
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    Nutrition Consultations
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