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Lung Rejuvenator by Blessed Herbs

2 oz
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The Lung Rejuvenator

  • Supports immune system
  • Supports healthy lung function

    The Lung Rejuvenator made by Blessed Herbs is an herbal supplement that works to support lung function, liquefy mucus, soften deposits, and loosen toxic buildup while clearing it out of the lungs. When lungs are thus cleansed, it supports the body's immune system, and an overall healthier aura is achieved.

  • For more info on Lung Rejuvenator please consult with our Nutritionist (see Contact Us) or your health practitioner.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size:  3 droppers* (3 ml)
    Servings Per Container:  19

    Amount per Serving:
    Proprietary blend of Mullein leaf, Butterfly Weed (pleurisy root), Lungwort lichen, Grindelia (aerial parts), Elecampane root*, Chlorella, Cordyceps (mycelia CS-4 extract 2:1), Turkey Tails (mushroom extract 8:1), Wild American Ginseng (root), Mullein (flower), Lobelia (aerial parts), Black Peppercorns*, Ginger root*, Long Pepper (fruit), Sweet Violet (leaf & flower), Licorice (root)*

    Other Ingredients: Distilled water, organic grain alcohol* (30% by volume) and vegetable glycerin. 

    Extract weight-to-volume ratio: (g/ml): 1:4

    *Certified Organically Grown. Contains 14% Organic Ingredients.

    Recommended Use:
    Shake well before use.
    Take 3 droppers* (3 ml) three times a day 30 to 60 minutes before meals. Dosage can vary depending on a person's weight and degree of problem. Use your intuition and observe your body to choose the proper dose. Always start from the smallest portion and work yourself up to a larger dose slowly.

    For treating a child take a portion of the dosage (3ml-90 drops). For babies (under 1 year) take 1/10 or less. For children between the ages 2-15, the portion depends on the weight of the child. For example, the dosage of a child who weighs 30 lbs is divided by the adult weight of 150 lbs = 30/150 = 1/5. Now take 1/5 of 90 drops = 18 drops. A child of 30 lbs would take around 18 drops. For treating an adult over 60 take half of the adult dosage.

    For lung problems, you will need to take this formula for at least 3 weeks. As an adult, you will therefore need 3 bottles.

    *A dropper is a glass pipet with a bulb on top. This is used to draw liquid from your bottle. One dropper full is taken by squeezing the bulb once. It will draw liquid up, filling approximately 70% of the dropper. You do not need to be exact.

    Caution: Do not take if pregnant or nursing. American Wild Ginseng may affect blood sugar levels; diabetics need to monitor carefully. Because of Ginger root, consult your healthcare provider before using if you have gallstones, peptic ulcers or take anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs. Licorice root has a glycyrrhizin content of 1.5 milligram or less per 3 ml dose. Taking amounts of 100 milligrams/day or less have been found free of adverse effects. As a precaution, those with diabetes, high blood pressure, hypokalemia, heart, kidney, or liver disease, or taking heart medications, should ask their healthcare provider if this low level of glycyrrhizin in the Licorice root is safe for them to take.

    Blessed Herbs has formulated Lung Rejuvenator™ with a proprietary blend of 16 natural herbs shown to support healthy lung function and provide protection for the lungs and from irritants.

    • Mullein (leaf) – Mullein leaf is an effective lung tonic. It helps loosen phlegm and soothes irritated mucus membranes.

    • Butterfly Weed (Pleurisy root) – An important herb to Native Americans, butterfly weed encourages expectoration, and provides a general mild tonic effect on the respiratory system.

    • Lungwort lichen – With strong antioxidant compounds, lungwort helps to detoxify the lungs. It has been shown to thin and loosen phlegm and mucus for easier expectoration.

    • Grindelia (aerial parts) – By helping to relax the smooth muscles of lungs, making it easier to breathe. It has expectorant action and opens up the airways.

    • Elecampane (root) – Elecampane is considered a natural lung cleanser that is recommended to remove mucus. It’s phytochemicals coat and soothe bronchial passages and protect them.

    • Chlorella – A powerful detoxifying agent, chlorella helps rid the lungs and airways of heavy metals and pollutants. Chlorella also helps to regenerate immune cells.

    • Cordyceps (mycelia CS-4 extract 2:1) – Extracts from this medicinal mushroom is considered a tonic that clears the lungs, improves vitality and helps to increase natural immunity.

    • Turkey Tails (mushroom extract 8:1) – A potent immune booster. Used worldwide, turkey tails reduces the production of phlegm and eases discomfort.

    • Wild American Ginseng (root) – American ginseng is an adaptogen that supports a healthy nervous system and reduces occasional fatigue.

    • Mullein (flower) – The flower of mullein is a popular natural remedy for chest support. It helps loosen and expectorate sticky mucus with phytonutrients.

    • Lobelia (aerial parts) – Lobeline, active compound of the herb, in the lungs it thins mucus. It also opens the airways for deeper breathing.

    • Black Peppercorns – Extracts of black pepper are said to improve circulation and protection to the lungs and airways.

    • Ginger (root) – Ginger relaxes the airways. Ginger promotes respiratory health by helping to rid the lungs of pollutants and other irritants and improving circulation.

    • Long Pepper (fruit) – In Ayurvedic medicine, long pepper is indicated for “cold, wet and ‘mucousy' conditions of the lungs.” It helps to expel accumulated mucus and improve circulation to the lungs.

    • Sweet Violet (leaf & flower) – The healing phytochemicals in sweet violet helps to open airways.

    • Licorice (root) – Licorice soothes mucus membranes in the throat and lungs while reducing phlegm, opening airways and relieving bronchial spasms. It also protects the lungs.

    Other Formulas that can supplement your cleanse*:
    Digestive Stimulator: To support proper release of toxins and unwanted guests in the stools.

    Toxin Absorber: This will help absorb toxins and unwanted guests from the intestinal walls. It also has a mild laxative effect because it supplies the body with bulk fiber.

    Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator: This formula stimulates the release of stored toxins, releases bile, and purifies hormones. The effects of our Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator are similar to the ones of our Liver Detox; you do not need to take both. However, this formula has herbs specifically for supporting the gallbladder which our Liver Detox does not. Choose this one if you want a stronger formula or if you prefer capsules instead of liquid form. Often children have more difficulty taking capsules and prefer liquid form.

    Liver Detox: Supports bile flow, supports and detoxifies the liver, and helps support the liver processes. 

    In reality, colon, para, and a liver cleanse are a must to keep the lungs healthy, and therefore, the best cleanse for the lungs, if you can afford it, is the Internal Cleansing kit, our whole body cleanse. This kit includes all of the formulas recommended here as supplements and aids in cleansing the lungs.

    *The above supplements are written in order of priority. The cleansing aids are not necessary but if one can afford them they would greatly ease your cleanse with many benefits to your body.

    Cleansing Aids
    Friendly Bacteria: We also recommend taking Friendly Bacteria, otherwise known as Pro-Biotics, as an aid against unwanted guests and "bad" bacteria.

    Refreshing Green Tea Blend: Balances the detoxification process. Use for immediate relief during cleansing.

    Toxin Neutralizer: A very strong anti-oxidant that neutralizes and prevents toxins from binding to, or damaging healthy cells.

    The Lung Rejuvenator formula is also included in our Internal Cleansing Kit, our whole body cleanse.

    Lungs: Air Supply
    Physical and emotional symptoms

    The lungs are designed for two purposes. Both are critical to life for they must happen every moment for one to survive. First, oxygen from the air comes into the tiny little air sacs of the lungs. These air sacs are called alveoli and there are about 300 million of them in the lungs, with a total surface area of around 750 square feet!! The walls of these alveoli are only one cell thick. This allows for an easy transfer between blood and air. The blood then circulates oxygen it has picked up during this process to every cell in the body. At the cellular level, oxygen is combined with sugar to produce the energy we need to live. This process is called internal respiration. Secondly, the lungs work to get rid of carbon dioxide, the waste product of the body's energy production. This transfer also takes place over the great surface area of the lungs many alveoli. Because the lungs contain a higher concentration of oxygen, and the blood a higher level of carbon dioxide, the molecules of each move to balance each other. This leads to the transfer of oxygen for carbon dioxide through the alveoli walls.

    The air we breathe, however, is often contaminated with particles, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances. Breathing in this dirty air causes the bronchial tubes to constrict, in order to trap particles in its sticky mucus. This constriction, while defending on one hand, causes us to take in less oxygen which can affect the performance of one's body.

    Symptoms traditionally associated with toxic lungs
    Without oxygen, one would die within three minutes. Oxygen allows all metabolic processes to occur. The lungs provide life and when they become toxic this is directly reflected in one's quality of life. If the lungs are cleansed, there is a great source of energy and freedom that one may have hardly known was possible. This is because the lungs are so closely related to every process that goes on within the human body.

    At the cellular level, one's air supply is a matter of life and death. Every second, thousands of cells are dying and being replaced; this is normal. However, when one's lungs become toxic, the supply of oxygen at a cellular level is greatly compromised. One can live with a compromised oxygen supply; however, less oxygen means more cellular death. Because death is directly associated with grief, when there is more death in the body this produces feelings of sadness, grief, and loneliness. When one's lungs are healthy, there is great happiness to be felt because every cell can live its full life.

    Manufacturer: Blessed Herbs
    SKU: LungRejuvenator

    Customer Reviews
    Average Rating on 3 Reviews
    (05 stars in 3 rating(s))
    5 star rating Excellent Lung Tonic - Great for Folks Who're Quitting Smoking 2/22/2016 Lung Rejuvenator by Blessed Herbs5
    Reviewed by John R from Portland, OR.
    I've tried a number of herbal tinctures and extracts meant to benefit the lungs, or promote lung function. This is the one that really does the job. My acupuncturist recommended it when I was quitting smoking. And it helped. Even after years of heavy smoking--and many unsuccesful attempts to quit--only four days after quitting with Lung Rejuvenator, fresh air tasted and felt so good to me that I had *zero* urge to light up again, even on a stressful day. Highly recommended!

    5 star rating Rejuvenator review 11/11/2014 Lung Rejuvenator by Blessed Herbs5
    Reviewed by Kelly Richardson from Wisconsin.
    Hey the stuff seems to work. Opens up the air way. You can tell it will as soon as you taste it. Not the most tasty thing. Tastes like strong cough syurp gone bad. But you get used to it.I will order more. And as usual....shipping is fast !

    5 star rating very helpful 4/25/2011 Lung Rejuvenator by Blessed Herbs5
    Reviewed by Julie soquet from Hinesburg, VT.
    Found this blend of herbs very helpful for lung.

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