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AHCC ImmunoKinoko 500mg by QOL Labs

500mg 90 caps
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AHCC ImmunoKinoko 500mg by QOL Labs

AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is an effective, well-absorbed and proprietary mushroom extract backed by over 20 human clinical studies.

A fermented extract of hybridized medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots), AHCC is one of the world's most researched specialty immune supplements, supported by over 20 human clinical studies. Studies on AHCC have been conducted at some of the finest research institutions worldwide, including highly regarded Ivy League universities and major health centers.

Unlike most other medicinal mushroom extracts, AHCC has a very low molecular weight of just 5,000 daltons, increasing absorption and efficacy. Because of its superior supporting research, AHCC is used by an estimated 1,000 clinics worldwide. AHCC has been shown to:

  • Maintain optimal NK cell activity
  • Enhance cytokine production
  • Promote optimal T-cell activity
  • Promote optimal macrophage activity
  • Increase the activity & number of dendritic cells


  • May support the liver's ability to detoxify
  • May optimize white blood cell counts
  • May improve appetite
  • May alleviate nausea
  • May maintain energy level
  • May support a healthy response to inflammation

YouTube offers many free online videos you can view on what is known about AHCC and the research and benefits of this product. We encourage you to look them up!

Serving Size: 2 vegicaps
Servings Per Container: 45

Amount Per Serving

AHCC proprietary blend(Active Hexose Correlated Compound) Mycelia extract of hybridized basidiomycetes (Lentinula edodes) mushrooms (with acetylated alpha-glucans), candelilla wax (plant), dextrin (tapioca), cellulose (plant), alpha-cyclodextrin (vegetable)1000 mg

Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose, leucine.

SUGGESTED USE: 2-6 vegicaps daily before meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

WARNING: DO NOT USE IF SEAL IS BROKEN OR MISSING. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant or lactating, have or had a medical condition, or are taking prescription drugs.

Common Questions about AHCC ImmunoKinoko

What is AHCC?
AHCC stands for Active Hexose Correlated Compound. It is a patented natural product made from several species of medicinal mushrooms including Shiitake, all cultivated in Japan. AHCC has been used since 1988.

Dosage: How much AHCC should I take and when?
Dosage range is between 1-6 grams per day. This equates to 1-6 bottles per month (60 capsules of 500mg). AHCC should be taken in divided doses on an empty stomach (30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals) for optimal absorption. For example, when taking 3 grams per day, take 3 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and 3 before dinner. While the advanced dose is between 3-6 grams per day, the maintenance dose is only 1 gram per day.

About 30-40% of patients notice the energy enhancing effects of AHCC. If you find AHCC to have an energizing effect, do not take it before bed.

Can AHCC help reduce the damaging effects of stress?
AHCC helps anyone who is under physical and psychological stress. Stress can significantly suppress the immune system.

What kind of quality of life improvements have been documented during use of AHCC?
  • less fatigue
  • better sleep
  • better spirits and mood
  • overall feelings of well-being and positive energy
  • less hair loss
  • better appetite, less nausea
  • white blood cell count optimized
  • immune system significantly stronger (NK cells, macrophage activity, cytokines, Interleukins)

Why is it better to take AHCC on an empty stomach?

If AHCC is taken with meals, it will be diluted by the food and may be excreted along with food fibers without absorption. Thus, the best time to take AHCC is 30 minutes before meals or 1 to 2 hours after a meal.

Does AHCC lose its effectiveness over time?
No. An AHCC placebo controlled scientific trial published in a peer reviewed journal showed that patients who used AHCC regularly over a ten year period had consistent and significant improvement as compared to the placebo group.

What is the purpose of AHCC's coating?
The coating on each individual granule of AHCC is mainly to preserve the quality of AHCC since it can be damaged by moisture over time as it is stored in a bottle, and also to protect AHCC from the stomach so that there is less damage to AHCC itself as it is being digested. The coating cannot be destroyed by acid in stomach but well soluble in intestines for absorption. AHCC liquid does not have any protective material around it, thus a 30% higher concentration of AHCC is needed as consideration is taken for AHCC?s destruction in stomach in acid.

Scientific Research and Widespread Use of AHCC
In 2001, over 700 hospitals and medical clinics worldwide were recommending AHCC to their patients. More than 15 books and hundreds of periodical articles have been written about AHCC. Also, over 17 published research studies exist on AHCC (some in peer reviewed journals), 16 Abstracts, 11 presentations, and 23 basic and clinical research summaries. In sum, AHCC has an impressive number of quality research trials showing its safety and efficacy over the last 14 years. These records are unsurpassed by RM-10 and any other medicinal mushroom product on the market.

NutrAward: National Recognition for Best Product
The NUTRACON corporation awarded AHCC the prestigious "NutrAward" -BEST NEW PRODUCT IN 2002! This award is given to the best new natural product on the market with solid scientific research and proven efficacy.

Top Quality Manufacturing Process and Quality Control:
Amino Up Chemical Corporation in Sapporo, Japan are the exclusive manufacturers of AHCC worldwide. In Japan, rigorous quality control standards exist for supplement companies and they must follow the same guidelines as for production of pharmaceutical compounds. After cultivation of the mushrooms which are all organically grown in rice bran, it takes over 45 days for fermentation and production of one batch of AHCC.

Since January 2002, AHCC has further improved their Quality Control to include coverage under HACCP-9000 QC. This superior QC standard combines the NSF-ISR standards (ISO9002- NSF International Strategic Registration, LTD), and the HACCP standards. Furthermore, in Japan all the foods are under the control of ?Food Hygiene Laws?.

Unique Patented Active Ingredients:
AHCC is a patented substance obtained from the hybridization of several species of medicinal mushrooms including Shiitake. AHCC?s active ingredients include acetylated ?- and ?-glucans which are oligosaccharide obtained during the Basidiomycetes? cultivation process. Most importantly, AHCC contains the patented GI-saccharide which does not exist in any other mushroom or immune enhancing product (including MGN-3). More specifically, GI-saccharide has been found to be the most potent activator of the immune system through its ability to enhance cytokine production. Cytokines are the most critical cells in the immune system and include TNF-?, IFN-gamma, IL-1, IL-2, and IL-12. AHCC has also shown to activate macrophages, NK cells and LAK cells, which are also key immune system cells. (see AHCC Research Summaries booklet page 7 for complete details).

Bioavailability Unsurpassed by Other Mushroom Products:
A products bioavailability is its ability to be digested and absorbed efficiently by the stomach. All mushrooms supplements are made of polysaccharides which are very hard to digest. Specifically, the molecular weight of most polysaccharides is usually over 200,000 Daltons, yet AHCC?s is under 5,000 Daltons with a high concentration of the specialized 10% oligosaccharides (alpha-1,4 glucan). Thus, AHCC?s very low molecular weight is a critical feature allowing for optimal bioavailability, and maximum immune enhancing activity including increased cytokine and macrophage production.

AHCC is extremely safe for human consumption. The medicinal mushrooms from which it is made have been consumed for centuries, and the supplement has been used since 1986 with no overdose toxicity. Acute toxicological studies in animals show the LD50 of AHCC to be over 12g per kg body weight, and by intraperitoneal administration over 8.5 g per kg.

UPC 8.12E+11
Manufacturer: QOL Labs
SKU: 119

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Customer Reviews
Average Rating on 6 Reviews
(04 stars in 6 rating(s))
5 star rating QOL Labs ImmunoKinoko 500 2/18/2013 AHCC ImmunoKinoko 500mg by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by George from Bellmore, NY.
My doctor highly recommended this product as a supplement to increase my immune system. After taking the recommended dose for just over a month, the results have been quite positive.

5 star rating Immune System Support 5/16/2012 AHCC ImmunoKinoko 500mg by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by Dave R. from Albany, NY.
I have to say that in my own experience this has been a tremendous aid whenever the need arises to support my immune system. Even though this supplement is a little expensive, it is well worth the cost! Based on the extensive exhaustive research available I feel I can recommend this product 100%. Five Stars.

4 star rating Helps liver function better 12/29/2011 AHCC ImmunoKinoko 500mg by QOL Labs4
Reviewed by Rob from Chicago IL.
I have a slow functioning liver and this seems to quicken the removal of toxins from my body. In addition, it appears to help through the winter months.

4 star rating Seems to help 2/9/2011 AHCC ImmunoKinoko 500mg by QOL Labs4
Reviewed by Madam Bomb from New York City.
This was recommend by a friend. I'm dealing with immune symptoms and I was taking a different mushroom extract and switched to this after my friend found benefit in it. It definitely has made a difference, especially in the first few weeks. I think the effect wore off after I dropped to 4 pills a day. The dosage of this might have to be higher to be more effective for you. While it's expensive and I hope not to be on it for too long, for now it seems beneficial in my process.

4 star rating AHCC 5/7/2010 AHCC ImmunoKinoko 500mg by QOL Labs4
Reviewed by Sasha from Canada.
Excellent item! I have been taking it now for 1 1/2mths and have felt better. Have found product elsewhere but quantity (less), price (more) and dosage (less). First delivery took a little longer but second delivery within days!

5 star rating I take 6 a day and love it 3/17/2010 AHCC ImmunoKinoko 500mg by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by Feryne from New Jersey.
I love AHCC I take 6 a day.

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