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Ther-Biotic Metabolic Formula 60 Caps by Klaire Labs
Ther-Biotic Metabolic Formula 60 Caps by Klaire Labs
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AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs

500mg 90 caps
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QOL Labs AHCC ImmunoKinoko

NEW Vegetarian Formula!

AHCC is a Japanese medicinal mushroom extract used to strengthen the immune system. Studies show AHCC improves Quality of Life for patients with cancer, HIV, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and immune disorders. Clinical trials also show that its immune boosting properties effectively help protect against powerful flu strains.

Benefits of AHCC:

  • Immune boosting and immune protective
  • Taken during chemotherapy, reduces liver injury and chronic fatigue
  • Amplifies the positive tumor shrinking effects of radiation therapy
  • Decreases white blood cell reduction and anemia seen during chemotherapy
  • Anti-inflammatory effects help conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • No side effects, and safe & natural for flu, cancer, HIV, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and immune disorder.
Please read the latest articles on AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL in "More info" Section

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ImmunoKinoko 500 mg 90 vcaps

Dietary Supplement

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 45

Amount per Serving
AHCC 1000 mg
--Mushroom mycelia extract, candelilla wax (candelilla plant), cyclodextrin (vegetable), microcrystalline cellulose (plant source).

Other Ingredients: vegetable cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate.

SUGGESTED USE: Take 2-6 capsules daily before meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

This product is suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.

Warning: DO NOT USE IF SEAL IS BROKEN OR MISSING. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Consult your healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or lactating, have or had a medical condition, or are taking prescription drugs.

ImmunoKinoko contains pure Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) — one of the world’s most researched natural immunomodulators — developed in Japan and used in over 700 clinics worldwide.

Active Hexose Correlated Compound is a patented extract of hybridized medicinal mushrooms that is uniquely rich in alpha-glucans. AHCC has very high absorption due to its low molecular weight of only 5,000 Daltons.

AHCC is backed by over 20 clinical and in vivo studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals and by more than 50 human studies documented in papers and case reports. Research on AHCC has been conducted at highly reputable medical institutions such as the Yale Medical School, Harvard-affiilated Faulkner hospital and U.T.M.D. Anderson. Several trials - including a 269 subject study published in the Journal of Hepatology, a double-blind placebo-controlled published trial on healthy adults, and a Yale Medical School study on healthy elderly patients - have shown that AHCC can increase the number or activity of:

  • Natural Killer (NK) cells, the body’s first line of defense
  • Dendritic cells, which initiate adaptive immune response
  • T-cells, which provide backup to NK cells
  • Macrophages, which clean up cellular debris
  • Cytokines, which activate the immune system
I've been using AHCC since 2000 to keep my immune system strong. The research on this compound is impressive. I personally went to Japan twice to visit the manufacturing facility, and they are top notch. This is a product I trust and recommend to my close friends and family who have gotten cancer. Incredible to use during chemo as it really helps improve quality of life.

Read Customer questions and answers about AHCC ImmunoKinoko on our blog.

Downloadable Files in PDF format or Web Links on AHCC (Each opens in new Tab/Window)

Common Questions about AHCC ImmunoKinoko

What is AHCC?
AHCC stands for Active Hexose Correlated Compound. It is a patented natural product made from several species of medicinal mushrooms including Shiitake, all cultivated in Japan. AHCC has been used since 1988 primarily to help compromised immune systems, and to improve quality of life in patients with chronic illness.

What are the most common uses for AHCC ImmunoKinoko?
Cancer and liver disorders such as hepatitis C are the most common conditions which can be supported using AHCC. Doctors and clinics worldwide have been using AHCC on immune compromised patients (i.e. HIV, chemotherapy) as well as in liver disorder patients to improve their quality of life and extend life expectancy.

What other conditions can AHCC ImmunoKinoko be useful for?
Research has found that AHCC can be a valuable supplement to support any condition which would benefit from a stronger immune system. Such conditions include, Hepatitis C, HIV, the common cold, flues, chronic fatigue, and seasonal allergies or hay fever. The research shows that other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and Candida Albicans proliferation seem to benefit from AHCC supplementation.

Dosage: How much AHCC should I take and when?
Dosage range is between 1-6 grams per day. This equates to 1-6 bottles per month (60 capsules of 500mg). AHCC should be taken in divided doses on an empty stomach (30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals) for optimal absorption. For example, when taking 3 grams per day, take 3 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and 3 before dinner. While the advanced dose is between 3-6 grams per day, the maintenance dose is only 1 gram per day. During times of severe illness, the advanced dosage range should be used, and as the condition improves, the patient can lower to maintenance dose.

The recommended dose for someone in late stage cancer is 6 grams per day. This means 12 capsules per day (4 capsules 3 times daily on an empty stomach).

About 30-40% of patients notice the energy enhancing effects of AHCC. If you find AHCC to have an energizing effect, do not take it before bed.

Can AHCC help reduce the damaging effects of stress?
AHCC helps anyone who is under physical and psychological stress. Stress can significantly suppress the immune system which results in increased susceptibility to infections. More specifically, NK cell activity causes upregulation of inflammatory cytokines such as Th2, and upregulation of IL-12, preventing apoptosis in T-cells. These events cause a weakening of the immune system. AHCC acts directly against stress by restraining corticosteroid and epinephrine production.

Is it safe to use AHCC during Chemotherapy or Radiation?
Yes! AHCC is extremely beneficial DURING chemotherapy or radiation during which the body is weakened tremendously and can benefit from AHCC's immune boosting effects. AHCC protects the liver and other organs from damage, while it also enhances the positive effects of the chemotherapy. As documented in the AHCC research summaries, AHCC is known to reduce the side negative effects of chemotherapy. Most notably, AHCC helps increase the white blood cells which get suppressed during chemo (myelosuppression). It is critical to get white blood cells to stay high during treatment, or treatment cannot continue and the patient is prone to viruses and other illnesses that he/she cannot fight off.

What kind of quality of life improvements have been documented during use of AHCC?
  • less fatigue
  • better sleep
  • better spirits and mood
  • overall feelings of well-being and positive energy
  • less hair loss
  • better appetite, less nausea
  • white blood cell count optimized
  • immune system significantly stronger (NK cells, macrophage activity, cytokines, Interleukins)
  • increased ability of the body to fight the cancer cells
  • increased life span (as seen in 2 studies of human liver cancer patients -see research studies).
Does AHCC offer hope for advanced stages of cancer?
Unfortunately, once the disease has spread as far as it has, there is not much one can do except improve their quality of life as best possible. Prayer, meditation, time with family and close friends, etc. Yet, AHCC can in fact increase quality of life. It is dramatic in its effects to slow progression of disease, but it is not a cure, nor will it on its own stop the cancer from spreading.

Why is it better to take AHCC on an empty stomach?
If AHCC is taken with meals, it will be diluted by the food and may be excreted along with food fibers without absorption. Thus, the best time to take AHCC is 30 minutes before meals or 1 to 2 hours after a meal.

Does AHCC lose its effectiveness over time?
No. An AHCC placebo controlled scientific trial published in a peer reviewed journal showed that patients who used AHCC regularly over a ten year period had consistent and significant improvement as compared to the placebo group.

How does AHCC compare to MGN-3?
Although AHCC and MGN-3 are similar in their mode of action, AHCC is far superior as it has been researched and used extensively in Cancer clinics since 1988 worldwide, and is the #1 selling immune product in Japan. MGN-3 has only been around since 1995 and primarily one scientist has done research on its efficacy (and he seems financially linked to the company who manufactures the product). Other points include that AHCC is more effective, less expensive, more published research, higher quality research, more widely used, and is superior in NK cell activity enhancement (21% more than MGN-3 shown by independent study). Furthermore, AHCC can be taken at the same time as antioxidants, unlike MGN-3 (which warns against it). Lastly, AHCC is supported by its own research association The International AHCC Researchers Association, an independent group which meets annually allowing over 300 scientists and doctors to discuss the latest data on AHCC. (see Adobe file name "AHCC Compared to MGN3" for more details)

What is the purpose of AHCC's coating?
The coating on each individual granule of AHCC is mainly to preserve the quality of AHCC since it can be damaged by moisture over time as it is stored in a bottle, and also to protect AHCC from the stomach so that there is less damage to AHCC itself as it is being digested. The coating cannot be destroyed by acid in stomach but well soluble in intestines for absorption. AHCC liquid does not have any protective material around it, thus a 30% higher concentration of AHCC is needed as consideration is taken for AHCCs destruction in stomach in acid.

Scientific Research and Widespread Use of AHCC
In 2001, over 700 hospitals and medical clinics worldwide were recommending AHCC to their patients. More than 15 books and hundreds of periodical articles have been written about AHCC. Also, over 17 published research studies exist on AHCC (some in peer reviewed journals), 16 Abstracts, 11 presentations, and 23 basic and clinical research summaries. In sum, AHCC has an impressive number of quality research trials showing its safety and efficacy over the last 14 years. These records are unsurpassed by RM-10 and any other medicinal mushroom product on the market.

NutrAward: National Recognition for Best Product
The NUTRACON corporation awarded AHCC the prestigious "NutrAward" -BEST NEW PRODUCT IN 2002! This award is given to the best new natural product on the market with solid scientific research and proven efficacy. http://www.nutraconference.com

Top Quality Manufacturing Process and Quality Control:
Amino Up Chemical Corporation in Sapporo, Japan are the exclusive manufacturers of AHCC worldwide. In Japan, rigorous quality control standards exist for supplement companies and they must follow the same guidelines as for production of pharmaceutical compounds. After cultivation of the mushrooms which are all organically grown in rice bran, it takes over 45 days for fermentation and production of one batch of AHCC.

Since January 2002, AHCC has further improved their Quality Control to include coverage under HACCP-9000 QC. This superior QC standard combines the NSF-ISR standards (ISO9002- NSF International Strategic Registration, LTD), and the HACCP standards. Furthermore, in Japan all the foods are under the control of Food Hygiene Laws.

Unique Patented Active Ingredients:
AHCC is a patented substance obtained from the hybridization of several species of medicinal mushrooms including Shiitake. AHCCs active ingredients include acetylated ?- and ?-glucans which are oligosaccharide obtained during the Basidiomycetes cultivation process. Most importantly, AHCC contains the patented GI-saccharide which does not exist in any other mushroom or immune enhancing product (including MGN-3). More specifically, GI-saccharide has been found to be the most potent activator of the immune system through its ability to enhance cytokine production. Cytokines are the most critical cells in the immune system and include TNF-?, IFN-gamma, IL-1, IL-2, and IL-12. AHCC has also shown to activate macrophages, NK cells and LAK cells, which are also key immune system cells. (see AHCC Research Summaries booklet page 7 for complete details).

Bioavailability Unsurpassed by Other Mushroom Products:
A products bioavailability is its ability to be digested and absorbed efficiently by the stomach. All mushrooms supplements are made of polysaccharides which are very hard to digest. Specifically, the molecular weight of most polysaccharides is usually over 200,000 Daltons, yet AHCCs is under 5,000 Daltons with a high concentration of the specialized 10% oligosaccharides (alpha-1,4 glucan). Thus, AHCCs very low molecular weight is a critical feature allowing for optimal bioavailability, and maximum immune enhancing activity including increased cytokine and macrophage production.

AHCC is extremely safe for human consumption. The medicinal mushrooms from which it is made have been consumed for centuries, and the supplement has been used since 1986 with no overdose toxicity. Acute toxicological studies in animals show the LD50 of AHCC to be over 12g per kg body weight, and by intraperitoneal administration over 8.5 g per kg.

UPC 8.12E+11
Manufacturer: QOL Labs
SKU: 119

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Customer Reviews
Average Rating on 10 Reviews
(05 stars in 10 rating(s))
5 star rating Immunity with AHCC 7/27/2013 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by Peggy from Raleigh, NC.
For over five years I have been taking AHCC and have not had a cold or the flu. Rockwell Nutrition has a great price and fast service.

5 star rating QOL Labs ImmunoKinoko 500 2/18/2013 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by George from Bellmore, NY.
My doctor highly recommended this product as a supplement to increase my immune system. After taking the recommended dose for just over a month, the results have been quite positive.

5 star rating Immune System Support 5/16/2012 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by Dave R. from Albany, NY.
I have to say that in my own experience this has been a tremendous aid whenever the need arises to support my immune system. Even though this supplement is a little expensive, it is well worth the cost! Based on the extensive exhaustive research available I feel I can recommend this product 100%. Five Stars.

4 star rating Helps liver function better 12/29/2011 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs4
Reviewed by Rob from Chicago IL.
I have a slow functioning liver and this seems to quicken the removal of toxins from my body. In addition, it appears to reduce the number of sick days I usually encounter through the winter months.

5 star rating Helps with cancer 5/24/2011 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by Sheila Donnelly from McKInleyville, Ca .
I am required to take six three times a day. I have breast cancer and my skin glows and I feel good.

5 star rating This product is amazing! Stops a cold dead in its tracks 3/21/2011 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by Solevento from Miami, Fl.
I am thankful that I do not have to use this to fight cancer, although I have read that it is the most widely used alternative cancer fighter in Japan and Thailand. In my experience, I have used it to fight off colds and the flu with great success! Stops a cold within one day.

4 star rating Seems to help with inflammation and pain 2/9/2011 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs4
Reviewed by Madam Bomb from New York City.
This was recommend by a friend who is a cancer survivor. I'm dealing with immune symptoms from long-term lyme and I was taking a different mushroom extract and switched to this after my friend found benefit in it. It definitely has made a difference, especially in the first few weeks. I think the effect wore off after I dropped to 4 pills a day. The dosage of this might have to be higher to be more effective for you. While it's expensive and I hope not to be on it for too long, for now it seems beneficial in my healing process.

5 star rating AHCC ImmunoKinoko 6/13/2010 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by Christine from Briarcliff Manor, New York.
So far, the product has done exactly what I had hoped for; to suppress another outbreak of herpes. I plan to continue taking it daily.

4 star rating AHCC 5/7/2010 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs4
Reviewed by Sasha from Canada.
Excellent item! I have been taking it now for 1 1/2mths and have felt better and recovered easier from my chemo treatments than previously. Have found product elsewhere but quantity (less), price (more) and dosage (less). First delivery took a little longer but second delivery within days!

5 star rating I take 6 a day and love it 3/17/2010 AHCC ImmunoKinoko by QOL Labs5
Reviewed by Feryne from New Jersey.
I love AHCC I take 6 a day. I do not have an immune system and it keeps me healthy. My granddaughter had cancer and my doctor recommended it for her. She got over her cancer and is doing fine and still taking her AHCC.

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