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Proctosan Cream (Paeonia) 40g by Unda

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Proctosan Cream by Unda

Homeopathic Preparation

Proctosan Cream provides a specific and synergistic botanical formulation that has a specific affinity for the vascular system and the large intestine. The presence of veins around the rectal area is strongly correlated to insufficient activity by the liver, most commonly due to lack of exercise, insufficient dietary intake of fiber, chronic use of alcohol and cigarette smoking. Aesculus hippocastanum is effective in relieving chronic venous insufficiency, especially in the extremities and in the hemorrhoidal veins. Supported by Paeonia officinalis and Collinsonia canadensis, this formulation is valuable in providing relief. Proctosan Cream is an excellent adjunct to Paeonia Plex.

Formula: Paeonia officinalis (Paeony) 0.4 g, Acer negundo (Manitoba Maple) 0.1 g, Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) 0.4 g, Collinsonia canadensis (Stone Root) 0.4 g, Ratanhia (Mapato) 2 g, In a Base of Lanolin, Glycerinum, Aqua

Adults: One application upon awakening and before bedtime, and after each bowel movement.Children under 12: One application upon awakening and before bedtime, and after each bowel movement.

Manufacturer: Genestra
SKU: 18440

Customer Reviews
Average Rating on 3 Reviews
(05 stars in 3 rating(s))
5 star rating soothing cream 7/25/2012 Proctosan Cream (Paeonia) 40g by Unda5
Reviewed by Pamela Hansen from riverside, ca.
This works better than anything I've bought at the drugstore. It doesn't irritate like the other creams do.

5 star rating proctosan cream 11/7/2011 Proctosan Cream (Paeonia) 40g by Unda5
Reviewed by oley from pa..
this is a great product....very helpful. thank you.

5 star rating Proctosan Cream Review 7/15/2011 Proctosan Cream (Paeonia) 40g by Unda5
Reviewed by windhover from Arizona.
This is an excellent product and produces good relief and results.

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