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Rockwell Nutrition has gone GREEN!

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Advice from the Nutritionist

30 minutes
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About Julie Haugen, MS, RD, LN/D

After you have completed your purchase for a consultation, you will receive an email in 2-4 hours with the link to our nutritionist's calendar where you can schedule your appointment. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not find the email in your inbox.

BONUS: You will receive $25 of FREE supplements with any consultation purchase!

How to get your bonus: After your online purchase, login to your account and go to "my rewards" to redeem your points for a Gift Certificate worth $25. Illustrated instructions can be found here REWARDS POINTS

Scroll down to read RAVE REVIEWS from other clients!

Instructions for Consultation

1. Purchase your consultation time from this page.

2. After checking out online you will receive an email, (usually within 2-4 hours of placing your order) to book your appointment with the nutritionist. The online calendar system will remind you and confirm the date and time with you. The scheduling email will also give you a choice whether you would like a consultation by phone or email.

3. Your phone time with the nutritionist may cover everything you need to know, it is helpful to have a pen & paper handy to jot down some notes. In some instances, she may follow up with an email which summarizes the information provided in the phone consultation and links to product recommendations and instructions.

Manufacturer: Rockwell Nutrition
SKU: RNCon30

Other Available Options:
Advice from the Nutritionist Advice from the Nutritionist
60 minutes
$80.00 Add to Cart
Advice from the Nutritionist Advice from the Nutritionist
90 minutes without meal plan
$125.00 Add to Cart
Advice from the Nutritionist Advice from the Nutritionist
90 minutes WITH customized meal plan
$150.00 Add to Cart

Customer Reviews
Average Rating on 209 Reviews
(05 stars in 209 rating(s))
5 star rating Knowledgeable and caring 12/5/2017 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Marcia Nueske from Elk Grove Village, IL.
Julie helped me find a substitute for the Jarrow Mastic Gum I have been using for a year. This brand is not being made currently as Jarrow cannot get the raw materials right now to make it. She also gave me a suggestion for a probiotic for my specific condition. I found her very knowledgeable and caring. I am appreciative for this service.

5 star rating Answered all my questions. 5/25/2017 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Jean V. from Wildomar CA.
I opted to have the free 15 minute consultation with Julie because I had a question about the product I was buying even tho I had purchased it many years ago. I am so glad I did speak with her as she was very helpful with how to take it and when to take it with my other supplements and medication. It really did help and I'm so glad I did talk with her. She was very pleasant and sanswered all my question. I quite like the option of the consult, it's great!

5 star rating Julie listens well 5/18/2017 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Dennis K. from Clarkston Mi.
I find Julie listens well and draws from a wide knowledge base. She offered a consultation on hypertension and sodium sensitivity. She offered a means to get a baseline to sodium sensitivity that frankly no doctor has suggested. In that brief consultation I learned a good deal about the low glycemic diet and the impact on cholesterol.

5 star rating Always gives great information 4/4/2017 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Diana L. from Los Angeles, CA.
What was most valuable about my consultation with Julie was about the info about the products I'm using and the expiration of the ones I haven't used. She always gives great info about other things as well. Very much appreciate my consultations! Customer service is always great. I love shopping with Rockwell. Thank you.

5 star rating Pays attention to detail 2/27/2017 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Susan R. from Louisville, KY.
Julie is a great listener and takes in a lot of information and assimilates it into a simple action plan. She keeps good records so that each time we talk, she is familiar with my situation. I appreciate her attention to detail and her quick follow up emails with more helpful information and links. I am thankful Rockwell provides this service and it is what keeps me coming back :)

5 star rating Julie was Precised. 2/20/2017 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Cecile S. from Brooklyn, NY.
Julie was able to answer my questions with precision.

5 star rating Extensive knowledge 1/31/2017 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by lori m. from San Diego, CA.
Julie’s knowledge on the supplements that I was interested in knowing more about was extensive and not only that, she was able to compare the benefits of the different forms and strengths.

5 star rating Advice from the Nutritionist 12/22/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Gary F. from Shoreline, WA.
First time purchaser. Was unaware until I tried to purchase my supplement (mycellized vitamin A) that I had to have a consult with the nutritionist. I found Julie to be very nice, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After our discussion she sent me a very detailed outline of her recommendations that I'm sure took quite a bit of time to prepare.

5 star rating Great opportunity 12/22/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Nann P. from Spring TX.
She was so very helpful and easy to talk to. It was a pleasure And I appreciated the opportunity.

5 star rating Gracious and helpful 11/16/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Barbara R. from Brooklyn, NY .
I always so much enjoy talking wth Julie. She is so gracious and helpful. Her suggestions for supplements and diet have helped me immensely. I am very grateful to have the luxury of consulting with her fairly regularly as I develop my plan for healthy living!

5 star rating The extra mile 6/28/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Vidya B from Buffalo NY..
Julie the nutritionist with Rockwell is very knowledgable and very prompt and goes an extra mile . She knows her subject v well and is v helpful. I know her now for my two consults but I found all her information to me v helpful though I am still to take my some of the ordered supplements. Good luck for your company that you have a v able person in your field it's imp . Vidya

5 star rating Professional and knowledgeable 6/21/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Lauri K. from Denver, CO.
very professional and knowledgeable humble and listened well super personable! Thanks for offering this with the purchase of your products! She's why I purchased BerBeris and the silvercillin THANKS, I'll definitely be a future customer!

5 star rating Very informative 6/14/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Barb H from Minnetonka, MN.
Julie was prompt, very informative and helpful. I received the information I needed and am appreciative. I understand the products better.

5 star rating Thank you to Rockwell Nutrition. 6/8/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by April P. from Miami, Fl.
Julie was very helpful and listened to my concerns with the intent of helping me resolve my problem. I was very grateful for her advice and suggestions, as well as her caring approach. Julie is very nice and did not make me feel uncomfortable about discussing a very private matter. Thank you to Rockwell Nutrition.

5 star rating knowledgeable 5/23/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Melanie G from Radcliff Kentucky.
Super sweet and knowledgeable

5 star rating On the right track 5/17/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Carole D. from Hudson, Florida.
I felt after talking with her that I was on the right track on all the supplements that I have been taking. I will continue to take these supplements and see what my results will be on my next bone density screening. She also e-mailed me additional information on TRF 350 which I will copy and put into my files. Thank you Julie.

5 star rating Keeps me faithful. 4/15/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Magda from Alto, NM.
Thank you so very much for your kind support and care. Your feedback and support, the quality of the products, and the reliable research shared through the newsletter, are what keeps me faithful to Rockwell Nutrition.

5 star rating Plan to be a long term customer 4/13/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Kathy M. from Eustace, TX.
Ms. Julie was easy to talk to, very forthcoming with information, and gave me good insight regarding the products I was interested in. She also explained the ordering process and was very understanding about my blindness making it difficult to gather all needed information on the web site. I am happy to have learned about your company, and I plan to be a long term customer.

5 star rating I appreciate 3/21/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Elizabeth S from near Ottawa Ontario.
I appreciated the background information she provided me with regarding the products I was interested in. She was able to tell me which product worked best for my particular situation.

5 star rating Julia’s knowledge 3/17/2016 Advice from the Nutritionist5
Reviewed by Mary H. from Saint -Lambert, QC.
I appreciate Julia’s knowledge of the product line as well as her helpful suggestions that I will use in my next order. It is very considerate of you to offer this service since we can not all be aware of the correct product for our situation and Julie knows them very well as well as the doses which is another benefit .....

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