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Rewards Points

Rockwell Rewards Points Program

Our Rockwell Rewards Points Program is simple and easy to use. And unlike most other rewards programs which offer you only 1% back, the rewards with Rockwell are HUGE at 5%! And, there is no expiration date.

For every online purchase you make, you will be rewarded with points. Each product page will note the number of points which can be redeemed with that purchase. The points are usually in relation to the product price, and some products promoted in our newsletter will be eligible for extra reward points.

The rewards are redeemed as gift certificates for any products on our site. You can then use your gift certificate on your new order. You can even send the code to a friend and they can use it! It is our way of saying thank you for being a great customer of Rockwell Nutrition.

Rewards Points

Here's a summary of the rewards. Every online purchase counts starting Jan 15, 2009!
500 Points$25 Gift Certificate
1,000 Points$50 Gift Certificate
1,500 Points$75 Gift Certificate
2,000 Points$100 Gift Certificate
2,500 Points$125 Gift Certificate
3,000 Points$150 Gift Certificate
3,500 Points$175 Gift Certificate
4,000 Points$200 Gift Certificate
4,500 Points$225 Gift Certificate
5,000 Points$250 Gift Certificate
6,000 Points$300 Gift Certificate

Redeem your points

After you have at least 500 points:

Step 1: Log into your account from the upper left corner of your screen from our Home Page.

Step 2: From your account go to the "My Rewards" section and click the word "redeem".

From the page of listed Gift Certificates:

Step 3: Select the reward: by clicking the green word "redeem" underneath the points (do not click on the gift icon otherwise you will be taken to a different page and you cannot redeem points from there if you click the icon by mistake, use your back button to return to the gift certificate list page).

Step 4: Click the green button to complete on the verification page.

Step 5: A confirmation will come up. You will also receive the order confirmation in your email like any other order, except the total will be 0 dollars since points were redeemed rather than a credit card purchase. The Order number is NOT what you need when you want to use your gift certificate.)

Step 6: Wait for the 2nd email with your Gift Certificate number. This is the number that you need to enter when you use your certificate on a new order.

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