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Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal

20 ml
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Unda Formula 1

Liver-Kidney-Gallbladder Detox

Homeopathic Preparation - This is classified as a Homeopathic Drug.

This remedy is indicated for obstruction of the biliary tract, Winckel's disease, afflictions of the gall bladder and jaundice in the newborn infant.

Unda 1 has an action on the liver and all disturbances of biliary function. It eliminates biliary canaliculi spasms, subicteric conditions and corrects hormonal imbalances caused by faulty cholesterol metabolism.

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  • Achillea millefolium (Yarrow).......4 X
  • Angelica archangelica (European Angelica).......4 X
  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Bearberry).......4 X
  • Equisetum arvense (Horsetail).......4 X
  • Larix decidua (Larch).......4 X
  • Lycopodium clavatum (Club Moss).......4 X
  • Valeriana officinalis (Valerian).......4 X
  • Argentum metallicum (Silver).......12 X
  • * Contains 25% alcohol

    Recommended Dosage
    Adults:  5 drops three times daily.
    Acute conditions:  5 drops six times daily.
    Children under 12:  3 to 5 drops three times daily.

    None known.

    Available as
    20 ml.......UN1

    Manufacturer: Unda
    SKU: 14#1

    Customer Reviews
    Average Rating on 9 Reviews
    (05 stars in 9 rating(s))
    5 star rating This supplement made a huge difference in my. 2 year old. 2/10/2016 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by GParis from PA.
    This was recommended by our Homeopathy for my 4 weeks, he started making more eye contacts and was much calmer.

    5 star rating Always effective 6/16/2015 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by BeWell from NY.
    I haven't had an ineffective Unda drop yet!

    5 star rating Rockwell Nutrition 8/13/2014 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by cklos from Lynden, WA.
    Quick delivery - good service!

    5 star rating Unda #1 5/5/2013 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by 86JRA from VA.
    So glad that Rockwell Nutrition carries these Unda numbers! So hard sometimes to get them from my N.D. Quick shipping!!!

    4 star rating UNDA 1 11/26/2012 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal4
    Reviewed by enk1965 from Fairfax Station, VA.
    Better tasting than the other UNDAs.

    4 star rating Did the trick 10/14/2011 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal4
    Reviewed by CJ from Battle Ground, IN.
    My doctor recommended I use this with two other UNDA products to repair my stomach. I feel MUCH better. It seems to have done the trick.

    5 star rating Bettter than pills 4/23/2010 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by Linda from Knoxvillr, TN.
    Prescribed by NP - great prod.

    4 star rating digestive issues 5/12/2008 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal4
    Reviewed by Ani from Seattle, WA.
    I use this in combination with other formulas, to help digestive problems.

    4 star rating Unda 1 5/5/2008 Unda 1 by Unda Seroyal4
    Reviewed by Very toxic from Maine.
    It helps my liver to handle the heavy metals better. I have restless leg syndrome because of heavy metals and if I take Unda 1 on an ongoing basis (like 2 drops every 10 or 15 minutes the restlessness in my legs and lower body becomes less.

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