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Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal

20 ml
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Unda 20

Degenerative Hepato-digestive Disorders

Homeopathic Preparation - This is classified as a Homeopathic Drug.

This remedy is indicated for conditions characterized by signs of autointoxication after digestive, hepatic, or cutaneous insufficiency, gallbladder operations, renal and biliary calculi, duodenal ulcers and hepatic indurations.

Unda 20 is an important remedy for detoxification of the duodeno-hepato-pancreatic junction. Reduced filtration of toxins through the liver and gallbladder can cause the formation of calculi.
  • Calendula officinalis (Calendula).......4 X
  • Condurango marsdenia (Condurango).......4 X
  • Jacaranda caroba (Brazilian Caroba Tree).......4 X
  • Juniperus sabina (Savin).......4 X
  • Robinia pseudacacia (Yellow Locust).......4 X
  • Aluminum metallicum (Aluminum).......12 X
  • Argentum metallicum (Silver).......12 X
  • Arsenicum album (Metal Oxide).......12 X
  • Aurum metallicum (Metallic Gold).......12

    * Contains 25% alcohol

  • Contraindications
    None known.

    Available as
    20 ml.......UN20

    UPC 8.83E+11
    Manufacturer: Unda
    SKU: 14#20

    Customer Reviews
    Average Rating on 8 Reviews
    (05 stars in 8 rating(s))
    5 star rating Always effective 6/16/2015 Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by BeWell from NY.
    I haven't had an ineffective Unda drop yet!

    5 star rating Unda 20 9/17/2013 Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by nona444 from Nashville, TN.
    This is a great product. My naturopath put me on it in order to regulate my hormonal patterns, since my husband and I have been trying to have a baby. Within a week of starting to take it 3 times a day, my temperature chart started to look better! The jagged up and down patterns had smoothed out, and my overall body temperature was closer to normal (previously it had been too low).

    5 star rating infection 4/15/2010 Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by ummulbaneen from Richardson, texas.
    I used this with Unda 1 and it helped to relieve a tooth abscess

    5 star rating yay homeopathy 3/11/2010 Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by godgirl from Ventura, CA.
    I used this in combination w/20 and 243 for kidney/bladder issues. Feel wonderful and both issues appear resolved.

    5 star rating Helped Clear Infection 3/8/2010 Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by Ms.Abidi from Dallas, Texas.
    I was told that a combination of UNDA 2, 20, and 26 would help with a tooth abscess. When I used these products, I saw immediate results and in a few days, my abscess was gone.

    5 star rating very happy 8/8/2008 Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by Renee E. from Fort Wayne, IN.
    I have been very happy with this product.

    4 star rating digestive issues 5/12/2008 Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal4
    Reviewed by Ani from Seattle, WA.
    I use this in combination with other formulas, to help digestive problems.

    4 star rating Quality matters 4/3/2008 Unda 20 by Unda Seroyal4
    Reviewed by Linda from California.
    Our son has more serious problems than most. He lost his small intestine, has had his gallbladder removed and is dependant on IV nutrition. It's critical that we use the highest quality brands and most effective products. Used under the close supervisio

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