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Unda 39 by Unda Seroyal

20 ml /Backordered
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As of Nov 14, 2016 This item is out of stock until approximately Dec. 15,2016. Please check back.

Unda 39

Homeopathic Preparation - This is classified as a Homeopathic Drug.

Intestinal Parasitosis

Unda 39 is a remedy for all parasitic conditions and is indicated for nervous disorders due to tapeworm and intestinal parasitosis.

  • Allium cepa (Onion).......4 X
  • Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood).......4 X
  • Asa foetida (Gum of the Stinkasand).......4 X
  • Tanacetum vulgare (Tansy).......4 X
  • Cina (Wormseed).......6 X
  • Dryopteris filix-mas (Male Fern).......6 X
  • Argentum metallicum (Silver).......12 X

    * Contains 25% alcohol

  • Contraindications
    None known.

    Available as
    20 ml.......UN39

    UPC 8.83E+11
    Manufacturer: Unda
    SKU: 14#39

    Customer Reviews
    Average Rating on 4 Reviews
    (05 stars in 4 rating(s))
    4 star rating Review 2/16/2013 Unda 39 by Unda Seroyal4
    Reviewed by Sandy from LA.
    It's a great product and very effective. As I've tried various herbs but this is one of the most powerful ones.

    5 star rating helpful 9/27/2009 Unda 39 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by d from Georgia.
    I use this with 1000. For me, that eases fibrocystic breast pain.

    5 star rating 39 11/22/2008 Unda 39 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by Cheryl from Duluth, MN.
    good stuff for allergies

    5 star rating Unda 39 5/5/2008 Unda 39 by Unda Seroyal5
    Reviewed by Therese Jornlin from Chadds Ford, Pa.
    I have been using Unda 39 with other products for symptoms related to Lyme disease. I have found the UNDA, indicated for stress, to have been useful with all the products. Berberris is another product from Rockwell that has served me well.

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