Thrive Nutrition Consultations

On-Demand Licensed Nutritionist Consultations, Designed For You. 

Ask A Nutritionist

Ask A Nutritionist

Receive a FREE consultation with a nutritionist who will work directly with you and your specific goals in leading a healthy lifestyle. *This service is only available for products and services offered at Rockwell Nutrition. Limited to 15-minutes. 

Bonus: Recieve a special savings promo on your product specific questions.

Good Fit

  • This is ideal for product recommendations and providing the best nutritional protocol for general health.
  • Looking for quick, knowledgeable, personalized advice.
Refocus On Healthy

Refocus On Healthy

This is a one-hour personal nutrition consultation that can involve general wellness, weight loss, sports nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, special diet needs or any other type of nutrition counseling you desire.
Bonus: Receive a customized meal plan 

Good Fit

  • You want support and accountability while changing your lifestyle. 
  • Guidance on complex or multiple health issues that need an in-depth consultation with a customized meal plan.
Thrive Living

Thrive Living

Are you looking to make significant changes in your lifestyle but are not sure where to start? This consultation includes the following:

  • Evaluation & Assesment
  • Meal Plan
  • Education
  • Lab Testing (Optional)
  • Goals 

Good Fit

  • This consultation is perfect for those with complex health concerns which need extended evaluation, discussion, and follow-up. 

Our Team

We Are Here To Keep You Thriving With Your Health

Dr. Jonny Bowden


Laura Siebold

MS, Clinical Nutritionist

Julie Haugen



How does Rockwell nutritionist consultations work?
Choose a consultation that works for you. You will then be sent an invite to select from a team of Rockwell nutritionists, whether you’d like a phone or video consultation, and a time that works for your schedule and then simply confirm your consultation.
Are online nutritionists as effective as offline nutritionists?
Yes, Rockwell nutritionists have been providing on-demand nutrition counseling for over 10 years. They are as effective as offline nutritionists for general wellness, weight loss, sports nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, special diet needs or any other type of nutrition counseling you desire. The other benefit is that you can connect with a nutritionist from the comfort of your home or office.
Are Rockwell nutritionists qualified?
All Rockwell nutritionists are licensed and registered in the USA. Not only that, our team of nutritionists is led by Jonny Bowden.
Is my nutritionist consultation secure?
All your data & online consultations with Rockwell Nutrition are completely private & secure. The data stream between platform, nutritionist, and you are completely encrypted.
How do I follow up with my nutritionist?
You have one on one access. Our nutritionists will follow up directly with you and provide you easy access to set up follow up consultations and communicating through our secure platform.
What is your refund policy?
Rockwell Nutrition has a simple refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your consultation, just give us a call and we will do our best to make it right. If you are still not satisfied, we will give you a full refund.