Seroyal Genestra Brands supplements support individualized treatment plans with a 350+ professional-grade products offering in a variety of formats, proven safe, effective and reliable for over 30 years, backed by clinical or traditional evidence.

Genestra’s vegetable capsules are free of pesticides, preservatives and additives, tested by government-approved independent laboratories to ensure quick dissolution and disintegration. They guarantee that the disintegration time does not exceed 20 minutes from the time of ingestion for capsules, and 30 minutes for all their tablets. They regularly test their capsules and tablets to confirm weight variation and ingredient potency.

When manufacturing the Genestra products, they follow the procedures outlined in the Good Manufacturing Practices. They ensure precision and objectivity during testing by contracting government-approved independent laboratories to assay and verify each ingredient for every product in each lot. They reconfirm each ingredient’s potency, weight variation, disintegration time and the absence of heavy metals, bacteria, E. coli, salmonella, yeasts, mold and other contaminants.